Slim Fitted Shirts

We got fed up with the ill-fitting garments bought off the rack from high end stores after paying through our nose – but we realized that, that is their limitation. All ready made brands including the top notch brands are made in different countries. The measurements are standardized for a group of people and they cannot satisfy all.

Next we tried with local tailors not only they were expensive but we also found their finishing and stitching quality were mediocre.Sample_image

So we decided to try online custom clothiers but we were greatly disappointed.

#1 First we wanted to try with the most expensive online brand. We called their representative but she was hesitant to meet me at my home – (I do understand her safety issues). She asked so many questions but never came to meet me even after several reminders.

#2 Next brand our order placing was so smooth. While waiting for the garment to arrive I got a call after a week to inform that they are out of fabric inventory that I chose. If they don’t have the inventory why take the order in the first place? And why inform after one week? We realized that they had a hopeless inventory system.

#3 This one looked neat on the website. They make only shirts – No trousers No Suits. Shirt came within 3 weeks from China but the fabric quality was awful. It was so cheap quality and a price tag of $119 way too high though the fit was excellent. Stitching was very average.

#4 We fell for this brand since they promised custom made, quickest delivery and easy measurements. Shirt was delivered in 3 days – great fabrics, just the feel and design I wanted – viola but when I wore the shirt I realized that it is just another readymade. Only difference is they have way too many sizes compared to stores and ship you immediately based on just 3 questions: Height, weight and Chest. But the one I received had 3” longer Sleeve and 2” longer shirt length!

We realized that there is big vacuum to be filled up – there exists a market for custom made shirts – when these companies survive why not we? Gentlemen need right fit, right quality and right service. With such vast experience in textiles we can fill up that gap. That’s how the idea to start custom tailored shirt was born!


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